We deal daily with qualified partners, such as the University of Padua,
diversifying and developing
more and more advanced formulas for each
sector of our resinous formulations.






To improve and optimize production, a Research and Development Laboratory is active in the Company, which compares with qualified partners on a daily basis, such as the University of Padua, the Cà Foscari University of Venice, the Enological Institute of Conegliano-Treviso and the CNR of Padua. 

In the company production site of San Martino di Lupari, the production of resinous formulations is diversified in the field of protection from chemical, environmental and microbiological aggression in the industrial sector, food sector, water sector and that of purification. 


The resins produced - which are epoxy or polyurethane - are characterized by minimum thicknesses from 300 microns to a maximum of 8 mm, due to the absence of solvents and therefore of odors and dispersion in the air. Among the most important industrial sectors in which Pava Resine operates, Enologia stands out - the first area of intervention at the birth of the company, where the first certification of suitability dates back to 1982 and in which Pava Resine is the undisputed leader; then, the food sector in which the company operates for large dairies, oil mills, pasta factories, canning companies, supermarkets, kitchens of starred restaurants, municipal aqueducts. 


In all these sectors, the resin is used not only for flooring, but also for coating concrete tanks and steel autoclaves, thanks to the Certifications and compliance with the regulations on the migration of epoxy compounds. 

Furthermore, as far as outdoor resin flooring is concerned, there are more and more companies that choose resin for covering large surfaces with forklift and truck traffic, thanks to the characteristics of protection, cleanliness and weather resistance. For these same characteristics the resin is used in the construction or maintenance of swimming pools and in large amusement parks.